Top 5 things to do once you get Engaged

So he popped the question and you said yes! What happens next? PANIC?!?!?!  Definitely not! Take a deep breath.  Here are a what I think are your next steps.

1. Tell your nearest and dearest – grab a bottle of champagne and head off to your folks to tell them the news.  Do this in person and not by social media, your nearest and dearest deserve to hear the news in person.  Once the celebrations have simmered from telling your folks, call the rest of your close friends and family.

2. Get a manicure – you will be showing off that bit of bling constantly, make sure your hands and nails glitter just as much!

3. “So when's the wedding?” – this will be the first question everyone will ask you once you tell them that you are engaged. So figure out what your response will be, even if its just “not decided” or “long engagement”.  Make sure you both have the same response so that you don’t both say something completely different to the first time its asked!  Him “5 years time” Her “6 weeks on Tuesday” - eek not a good start!

4. Budget, budget, budget – maybe because I'm a stuffy old Accountant, but Money has to be one of the most important factors to consider next.  The Money step has 2 elements.

1. Now is the time to understand each other financially.  Understand each others attitudes to money, are you credit card happy but does he see the old flexible friend as the work of the devil?   There is no right or wrong answer to this, but it is important that you both understand each other so you know where you might need to compromise in the future.  You also need to understand each others current debt/savings situation.  Are you about to marry a millionaire or someone with debt up to their eyeballs! Obviously you are marrying for love, but you still need to know this as it will effect your future together.

2. Then its time to set a budget for the big day.  You should first figure out how much money will be available for your big day, and where this money is coming from (parents/your savings/borrowing).  Once you know how much you have in total you should then allocate “ball park” budgets to each of the big areas – Reception, Celebrant, Dress, Rings, Photographer (oh I know a good one of these!).  Depending on how important each “big area” is to you both, will naturally define how much you allocate of the budget.  This now gives you a check list and a benchmark to start planning.

5. Get ideas and start planning – now for the fun part!  This part will bring out (and hopefully tame) that inner Bridezilla! Get researching on Google or buying Bridal mags.  Get yourself to some Wedding Fairs and get some ideas.  Start wading through all of the different ideas for bridal dresses, venues and favours.  Above all else, enjoy the planning, make sure that its worth it and that you both get the final outcome you are happy with.

Thanks for reading, have a great day, and remember to get in touch should we be able to assist you with your photography needs!

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Posted by Lianne on the 07 May 2015

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