Black Friday

So tomorrow is Black Friday.  What is Black Friday and why is there a tension in the air that tomorrow is going to have a bit of chaos attached to it?

Well Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving in America and is thought of as the start of the Christmas shopping period.  It was when many US companies would offer huge deals, in order to get Christmas shoppers through the door and money in the tills.

Its only recently became a "thing" in the UK in recent years, with the likes of Amazon offering amazing deals before Christmas and meaning that the savy shopper would take advantage of the right offer at the right time.

So is Black Friday a good thing for shoppers or a clever marketing ploy?  I suppose as long as shoppers & retailers achieve what they want, then its a win win!

Here at Robert James Smythe Photography, we have decided to join the Black Friday celebrations, with 2 offers......

Please get in touch, if you are interested in any of these offers.

The Family Portrait package:  offer valid to purchase until Midnight on Black Friday, Photoshoot to take place in January or February 2015.

Wedding Package: offer valid to purchase until Midnight on Black Friday for Weddings in January - March 2015.

(subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer)


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Posted by Lianne on the 27 November 2014

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